• Rename a metadata field
    Presentation The metadata describing the samples are stored in a field in JSON format. If it allows a great flexibility (possibility of adding fields very easily), it also has its own limits. The editor used in the software to modify the metadata will completely rewrite the content of the JSON field. If the field contained a previously ...
  • When creating a metadata description, importing a list of more than 50 names does not seem to work.
    You are working with Firefox, from a computer running Windows You create a new metadata description, which contains a selection list. You want to import a list that contains more than 50 names : The import seems to work (you can check in the database, the metadata description contains your information), but you don’t see the form anymore, ...

Printing and labels

  • Printing by a printer connected to the server – role of the Direct Print button
    In most cases, label printing is done by connecting the printer directly to the user’s computer, and the browser will drive the operation. This is the normal operation of the application hosted in a laboratory. When Collec-Science is used in the field, the terminals do not necessarily have the appropriate connectors (or drivers) to connect the ...
  • Are there examples of labels?
    Yes, you can find examples of labels in this page: Label templates
  • Scanning a 1D barcode returns parasitic characters
    With a DataLogic QBT2430 showerhead, scanning some 1D codes will return parasitic characters before the encoded number, e.g. ]1C. The problem occurs with codes encoded in EAN128: prefer codes in CODE 128, which do not present this problem, if you decide to create 1D codes with specialized software.
  • Scanning a barcode opens the browser download page
    With a showerhead DataLogic QBT2430, if it is not correctly configured, the browser download window opens after each barcode reading. In practice, the code Ctrl + J is sent after each code. To avoid this malfunction, you must configure the hand shower by scanning the code USB keyboard with alternative coding of the keys (refer ...
  • How do I configure a Datalogic QBT2430 hand shower?
    This document, provided by a reseller (Ametis company thierry.istin<at> allows you to reset the showerhead and configure it quickly : Configuration de base douchette Datalogic QuickScan QBT2400 d
  • Label printing with the Zebra printer drools, QR codes become unreadable
    QR codes may be printed incorrectly: the ink drools, and the QR codes are no longer readable with a hand shower. To correct this malfunction, the printing speed must be reduced. To do this, change the following settings in the printer configuration page (Windows and Linux screenshots):


  • Examples of mass import files
    Import a list of containers container_import.csv In the example shown, containers A1 to A3 are of type 1. Containers B1 to B3 are of type 2, and are stored in containers with a UID of 254 or 255. At the time of import, the corresponding movements will be generated. Importing a sample list sample_import_en.csv The two samples in the example are ...
  • List of codes assigned to collec-science databases
    Collec-Science can be deployed anywhere in order to manage your sample collections as you wish, but also list of equipments or data collections. A unique UID is generated by application. However, two applications, appli1 and appli2 can create twice the same UID. Inside the QRcode associated to the object, we keep the application name (variable ...
  • The search for samples or containers is very slow
    The query used to search for samples is complex and involves many tables. In some cases, Postgresql does not prepare its execution properly, which can then take a lot of time (several dozen times the normal time). To solve the problem, you have to “clean” the database, by asking a system administrator : to connect to ...
  • Exports in CSV or to another base are limited to less than 1000 lines
    From the object lists, when a CSV file is created or exported to another database, the generated file does not contain more than 1000 lines. The problem is related to a PHP limitation. To bypass it, you must increase a parameter in a configuration file. Edit the file /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini Look for the variable max_input_vars. Delete the semicolon at ...