Import a list of containers


In the example shown, containers A1 to A3 are of type 1.

Containers B1 to B3 are of type 2, and are stored in containers with a UID of 254 or 255. At the time of import, the corresponding movements will be generated.

Importing a sample list


The two samples in the example are associated with Collection 1, attached to Campaign 1, and taken from Collection 2, and are associated with Referent 1.

Sample TOC-1 contains 5 subsamples.

The TOC-2-1 sample, of another type, is derived from another sample previously recorded in the database, the one with a UID of 872.

Both samples are stored in existing containers in the database at the locations (row, column) indicated. On import, the corresponding movements will be generated.

Finally, the samples have associated metadata (columns starting with md_). The TOC-1 sample has multiple values (separated by a comma) in the fieldwithmultiplevalue metadata. The label md_ will be removed on import to reconstruct the entire metadata set.