Are you interested in Collec-Science? You want to contribute to its development, ask for improvements, report bugs, test new products, participate in coding?

For all suggestions, bugs, use the GITHUB ticket system.

If you want to get involved in the project, contact a manager.

Charter for Sustainable Development

Anyone wishing to contribute can create a fork of the project in Github and develop the module that interests him in a dedicated branch (feature_xxx). If he wants this module to be integrated into the project, he then contacts one of the managers to propose his modifications.

The development is based on the prototypephp framework (bootstrap branch). The documentation can be found at:

For security and homogeneity issues, the code of any new module must be tested with SonarQube to verify that there is no obvious coding error, and the rules of presentation must be followed (encapsulation of tests , for example).

 The module must also respect the security rules of the opportunistic level of the ASVS project. It will be tested for resistance with the Zap software.

The project manager may make any changes that he deems useful to the proposed code, or even refuse the module without having to justify his decision.