Bug fixes:

  • in mass import, dates were refused if they were in the format hh:mm (no seconds)
  • the search for samples failed if the only search criterion was based on dates
  • the deletion of samples from the detail of a container did not work
  • after creating a movement, the software could be blocked for several seconds
  • the detail of the objects (containers or samples) has been improved: the last visited tab is now displayed by default, and it is possible to activate a function to view the content of the tabs when hovering with the mouse
  • in the list of contained objects, the row and column number was not displayed
  • the search by referent now takes into account the referent declared globally for the collection in question
  • from the detail of a container or sample, opening a new object did not work with the use of the business identifier
  • ergonomic corrections: deletion of three-point (ellipsis) in some labels in some Chrome browsers, correction of some others labels


  • added mod_evasive module in Apache2 for new deployments, to limit brute force attacks
  • added pre-configuration of PHP configuration for new deployments.