Bug fixes:

  • harmonization of certain labels in the application (Save/validate or Select/Choose for example)
  • in the detail of a container, the contents and products used were poorly displayed
  • the tables were not working well, especially when displaying pages from the navigation buttons
  • correction when searching by date: the current date was not systematically taken into account
  • during imports, some incorrect dates passed through the consistency checks
  • the search for containers only by status (out of normal state) did not work

Evolution of existing functionalities:

  • upgrading the framework to add security controls. The Framework now meets the requirements of ASVS v4 (total level 1, partial level 2).
  • ergonomics: the sample and container display screens have been partially redesigned: the data are now organized by tabs. It is also possible to open a new object directly from the detail page, without returning to the list
  • it is now possible to attach a sample to a parent
  • a function to duplicate a sample with its parent is now available
  • in the administration module, it is no longer possible to create a new right (but this can be reactivated with an option in the param.inc.php file)
  • when entering metadata models, the “Unit of measurement” field is proposed by default with the value N/A
  • metadata models can now be viewed without switching to edit mode
  • if the metadata of a sample are modified, the modifications are reported in all children (derivative samples)
  • it is now possible to search for a sample by destocking reason
  • in the description of a protocol, it is possible to indicate the number and date of the sampling authorisation
  • sample search: it is now possible to scan a label

New features :

  • it is possible to generate an export of one or more containers, which include both the containers and the included samples, for import into another database
  • sample loan management: it is possible to register the loan of containers or samples to borrowers