Bug fixes:

  • the deletion of a group of users was not possible under certain conditions
  • it was not possible to print a label since the detail of a sample
  • the kinematics of the application was not correct when deleting a sample
  • the deletion of a sample failed if secondary identifiers, reservations, … existed
  • when entering sample types, container types were not sorted
  • in the table of logins stored in the database, the information “account used for a web service” was not displayed
  • the transformation of the sexagesimal GPS coordinates into decimal coordinates failed if they were not completed. Moreover, the algorithm used was wrong
  • when creating a derived sample, the referent was not retrieved


  • when entering the GPS coordinates of a sample or container, the point is automatically generated on the map, and the map is centred on the point
  • it is now possible to add the referent during a mass import
  • in tables displayed per page, the number of items displayed is now stored, and becomes the default value for future displays
  • the name of the scripts used to create the database is now generic, to facilitate the automatic installation (especially docker components)
  • in the label templates, it is now possible to include the identifier of the parent sample