To work, Collec-Science needs a server running Linux (not tested with other systems), and :

  • an Apache2 server
  • PHP version 7
  • Postgresql database version 9.4 minimum
  • if necessary, an email relay (recovery of lost passwords in local identification)

The settings proposed here correspond to recent Ubuntu or Debian platforms.

The disk space will depend on the use of the application. This allows storing photos (or other documents) associated with the samples, the overall volume of the base will be largely dependent on the number of photos added.

As for the memory allocated, a conventional server is sufficient for laboratory uses (few simultaneous connections, few large processes).

Use on Rasperry

Plan a model with enough memory (at least 1 GB).

Label generation requires a Java runtime. For performance issues, you must use the Oracle provided runtime that is suitable for the ARM architecture:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk