Collec-Science can be deployed anywhere in order to manage your sample collections as you wish, but also list of equipments or data collections. A unique UID is generated by application. However, two applications, appli1 and appli2 can create twice the same UID. Inside the QRcode associated to the object, we keep the application name (variable APPLI_code in table dbparam) within in order to be able to distinguish the two of them. That’s why we invite people that are willing to install collec at home to register their server and the application names they will use in order to avoid any conflict.

To register a new instance, please send a mail at collec-users[at], eric.quinton[at] or christine.plumejeaud-perreau[at]

Organisme Serveur Code unique
Université La Rochelle demo_server roza_server zaeu_server iuem_server zapvs_server zaloire_server zabr_server
Université Franche-Comté ZAAJChrono
Université La Rochelle lienss_s01
Université La Rochelle zapvs_s01
INRA inra_magneraud
INRA inra_stlaurent
IRSTEA Cestas eabxlab
IRSTEA Cestas eabxseurin
IRSTEA Lyon lybanquise